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Tumblr made colors look strange but oh well. 
This is my newest design. Reblog and Save the Sea Turtles!
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Newest design.  typography
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The front of my business card I just created. Need to create the back side yet :)
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another logo design. 
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Professional Way To Cut Out Images


When cutting pictures out, i don’t use pen tool or the lasso tools. I find this other way to cut out pictures much smoother. This way is used by some professionals.

I will show you how to do this way! Keep on reading :)

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Magazine Cover! 
Date Created: Dec. 6. 2012
Taylor Swift On Cover! 
- Created by KristybDesign
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New Design!! May do some new tutorials from this design. :)
Model: Taylor Swift 
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Date created: 12/5/2012
Programs used: Photoshop & Illustrator cs6